Family of man gunned down outside his house desperate for justice

- New details are coming out about the cold-blooded murder of a man shot right outside his house.

"It's so painful," said Sheree Giddings, the victim's mother. "Because I don't know why my son died."

Jebrill Giddings was killed on the night of Oct. 2 around 11:00 p.m. after stepping out of his home on Archdale to get some fresh air. Moments later his girlfriend heard the gunshots from inside.

His girlfriend ran out to see the victim lying in front of his neighbor's house with a man standing over his body.  She screamed, and the shooter ran away. 

"The hurtful thing is my son would have lived with the two bullets in this back but he got up two houses and he fell," said his mom. "He crossed his arms and put his head on it and he put it to his head."

There are a few possible connections Detroit police want to share with the public to solve the case. 

"Part of the investigation has shown that there were two Chargers that were at the scene," said Det. Lisa Johnson. "A black Charger that had some yellowish or gold colored trim on the front bumper, and a white Charger."

The victim was part of a racing group that drove Chargers. 

"A lot of times they met up at Rouge Park, also the Warren and Livernois area," Johnson said. 

A few days the murder, the victim's sister and girlfriend combed the neighborhood to look for any leads. They came across a lawnmower shop on the 7700 block of Southfield only a short walking distance from the crime scene. 

Surveillance cameras captured a Charger parking at the location at the time of the shooting. 

"We saw the hazard lights flashing on this Charger for no reason," said Niketa Giddings, the victim's sister. "Because it had been sitting there with no problems and the doors suddenly were open. Within moments, we saw shadows dancing around and then the doors slammed shut and hazard lights went off and the car just sped away."

Police and the victim's family don't know the name of the racing group but the group is known to frequent Rouge Park and the Warren and Livernois area. 

Investigators ran into a road block because the lawnmower shop security system erased the footage by the time police paid a visit. And since it was so dark at night during the time of the murder, the victim's girlfriend did not get a good look at the shooter's face.

If you have any information on this case, call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-SPEAK-UP. You never have to leave your name.

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