Did a father and son street race cause a violent crash?

It's a spectacular crash witnessed by many people at lunchtime. The guy hits that curb with his Mustang, goes airborne, hits hard here you see the tracks, it's amazing that he walked away. People who saw the mangled Mustang rolling over three times, firmly believed the driver was a goner.

"Wow, I hope that guy is okay," said Tony Delmoral.

It didn't look like anybody could survive that.

"No, definitely not, definitely not," said Delmoral.

Two Mustangs left the light at 14 Mile and Stephenson Highway in Troy. A father, Rick Ladd of Berkley, was driving his high-performance Mustang. His son was beside him in another Mustang. Witnesses said dad and son appeared to be street racing.

"That's exactly what it looked like, they were definitely going way too fast for Stephenson Highway here,"  said Justin Thomas.

The dad, Rick Ladd, Recently bought the high-performance Mustang, with the cool custom paint, complete with twin dragon heads on the hood. While running side-by-side against his own son, dad checked into the median curb and the car flew, rolling three times in front of a lunchtime crowd. The northbound Mustang came to a rest across the median in the southbound lanes.

"I was actually waiting to go into work and watched the two Mustangs come flying down here and the one hit the median here and just rolled over," said Thomas.

In fact, the roof is now just about as high as the dash. Nearly everything is scraped, broken and smashed. The only two survivors in this car? The driver and the chrome Mustang in the grille. Everything else on the car is torn up. Rick Ladd was cited by Troy police for careless driving. He went to Beaumont Hospital with a sore shoulder, but he will be okay. A one-car wreck - no one else injured. His son in the other Mustang was unscathed.

He survived does that surprise you?

"To me yeah, because he rolled a lot more than once," said Thomas.

It looked like, from the way I'm looking at the tracks, that it was a Duke's of Hazzard kind of soaring thing here, where the guy was flipping over.

"It definitely looked like something out of a movie," said Thomas. "It looked pretty scary from that guy's perspective, that's why you leave it for the track."

Good thing no one else is hurt, but that good looking Mustang is toast.
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