Dream homes on Detroit river have nightmare view of decrepit boat

Beautiful homes with a terrible view - that's what one upscale neighborhood is dealing with on Detroit's east side.

The sign outside Detroit Boat Works say "Keep out." But the developer of a nearby subdivision says these signs might as well be posted in front of his neighborhood because of what's behind these gates.

"This looks like the worst thing you could see," said Jerome Morgan. "Gilligan's Island or whatever you want to call it."

Welcome to Morgan Waterfront Estates where the dream homes come with a nightmarish view courtesy this old, blighted boat on a canal to the Detroit River.

FOX 2: "How many deals has this killed?"

"Unbelievable, many many many deals," said Morgan, who built this posh subdivision of condos and mansions on Detroit's east side in 2005.

"We've been successful on selling the rest of the homes on this side of the canal," he said. "But we're in kind of a dilemma here with the five houses on this side of the canal."

The problem is those houses back up to 95 St Jean, Detroit Boat Works or perhaps better known as the "Goat Yard."

And this old boat  is on the Goat Yard side of the canal.

"They feel as though they live on the boat, they party on the boat, and they're not going anywhere," said Latanya Hardimon. "That's what they said."

Hardimon says that was in 2008. She lives in the subdivision and wants the boat gone as soon as possible.  

"We did start a campaign to get the developer or how to get the person that owns that boat behind that big old catastrophe, over there, behind those houses, out of here," she said.

Realtor Odell Hines has had tough time selling the three homes with a view of the boat and the Goat Yard. 

"This is the new Detroit and we just can't have this," Hines said.

He and Morgan say they've tried everything to get rid of it.

"We've been working with different agents from the DEQ to the Coast Guard to every agent, city official, just to try to get them to clean up their property," Morgan said.

"We've had Detroit police come out here," Hines said. "I called all of them and talked to supervisors. What happens is they just bounce it from department to department."

"We've been running into this roadblock for eight years and I'm at the end, and I don't know what to do."

He even tried buying the boat, but says the owner would not budge.

FOX 2 called Detroit Boat Works but the woman denied there was ever an offer for the boat. She didn't say much aside from that and rushed us off the phone. She promised to call back but that never happened.

The Detroit Police Harbor Master will come out tomorrow to find out who is responsible for the boat. FOX 2 is told they are familiar with it.
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