Poll: Trump cuts Clinton's to 8% in Michigan

The latest FOX 2 Detroit/Mitchell Poll shows the race for the White House appears to be tightening in the Mitten.

With two weeks remaining before the election, the latest Fox 2 Detroit/Mitchell Poll of Michigan shows former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton leading businessman Donald Trump by a 8 percent margin in a in a four-way race that includes Libertarian Party candidate former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson and Green Party candidate Dr. Jill Stein. 

Clinton: 49%
Trump: 41%
Johnson: 3%
Stein: 1%
Undecided: 5%

In a two-way race it is Clinton 51% - Trump 43% with 7% undecided.

The new numbers show a tightening race and that Clinton's lead has been cut dramatically from the 13% lead she held last week.

The IVR (automated) poll of 1,241 likely voters in the November 2016 General Election was conducted by Mitchell Research & Communications on October 23, 2016 and has a Margin of Error of + or - 2.78% at the 95% level of confidence.

"Clinton’s lead has fallen from 13 percent before the last debate to 8 percent today as she dropped 2 percent and Trump gained 3 percent.  The third party candidates have also dropped with Johnson down to just 3% and Stein 1%.  The percentage of those who say they are undecided has actually gone up to 5% since our poll last Tuesday night.  Clinton is still in a strong position, but her support has eroded in the past week," Steve Mitchell, CEO of Mitchell Research & Communications said.

Key demographics:

Clinton continues to have a strong lead with women (54%-39%), but Trump is doing better with men and is now tied with Clinton (44%-44%). 

Clinton leads by 18 percent with 18-44 year old voters (55%-37%), down from a 25 percent lead last Tuesday.  Johnson was getting 9% with that age group last week but has fallen to 3% now.  Stein has also dropped from 3% to 1%.  Trump now leads with 45-64 year old voters (48%-41%), an age group with which he has shown steady improvement over the past two weeks.  Clinton is even stronger with 65 and older voters (55%-34%) than she was last week (54%-40%). 

Clinton continues to be stronger with Democrats (94% in the four-way) than Trump is with Republicans (88% in the four-way).  Trump has increased his lead with Independents to 54%-14%, a major move since last week when he led by 10 percent (42%-32%).

By race, Trump now leads with white voters (47%-44%) after trailing Clinton with that demographic a week ago (48%-46%).  Clinton leads with African-Americans (80%-11%) and with other ethnic groups (49%-33%).

By area, Clinton leads in the city of Detroit (89%-5%) and Outstate (48%-41%) while Trump now leads in the Tri-County area (48%-44%).

Other key findings:
• Both Clinton (45% Favorable-50% Unfavorable) and Trump (37%-57%) are unpopular.  However, Trumps favorable increased by 4 percent and his unfavorable dropped by 4 percent.  Clinton’s unfavorable went back up to 50%.
• More people say jobs/economy (58%) is the most important issue in the presidential campaign than say national defense/terrorism (30%).  Eleven percent is undecided.

“Trump has posted some gains, but he is trailing badly (60%-35%) among the one-in-five voters (18.5%) that has already voted by absentee ballot.  Trump has a strong lead among the 4 percent of voters who did not vote in 2012, where he leads 67%-25%.  Clinton still has a strong lead, but the race has tightened since the last debate,” Mitchell concluded. 

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