What Michiganders Googled most during the debate

- The political polls show this presidential race is a dead heat, but could what voters are searching online be a better indicator of what they'll do at the polls?

Daniel Sieberg, a search trends expert from Google, joined FOX 2 to give his insight.

"During the course of the debate and particularly in Michigan, we saw top searches around issues like voter registration, police, ISIS, the national debt of the U.S., race issues, and then also terminology and acronyms that maybe weren't as familiar to some people. So things like NAFTA or NATO, TPP," he said. "These are the kinds of things that people heard and wanted to learn more about over the course of the debate."

Sieberg said Michigan residents' Google searches matched up pretty similarly to national trends.

"These are the types of issues that resonated with people across the board," he said. "But there were other things -- or other moments, if you will -- that triggered search interests."

He said one example of a question asked about both candidates was whether stop-and-frisk policies are constitutional.

The top trending questions about Hillary Clinton included:

1. How is Hillary Clinton doing?
2. How long was Hillary Clinton a senator?
3. What emails did Hillary Clinton delete?
4. How much does Hillary Clinton make?
5. Why did Hillary Clinton delete emails?

The most frequently asked questions about Donald Trump were:

1. What does Donald Trump do?
2. Who has endorsed Donald Trump?
3. How is Donald Trump doing?
4. Why is Donald Trump sniffling?
5. Did ISIS endorse Trump? 

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