Fame or Shame: Fox Sports Girls go grillin'

 Fox 2's Rob Wolchek loves  grillin' and chillin'.  So even when the temperatures drop he's always ready for a barbecue.

He and the Fox Sports Detroit Girls headed out to a Detroit Lions tailgate party last weekend.  

They tested a Bison Airlighter and grilled up some goodies checking the temperatures while turning the food using a Mr. Bar-B-Q Digital Thermometer Fork.

Will they get Fame or Shame? 

Starting a fire using charcoal is hard work and you'll try anything to get those coals hot.

But now there's the Bison Airlighter.  No chemicals no matches, just point it at the coals and soon they're smokin! 

And once you get that grill going, it's tough to get your meat just right temperature.

Now you can take the guessing out of the grilling with the Mr. Bar-B-Q digital fork. 

 If you want it medium, it beeps to tell you when it's just right. 

But, will these products make you a super grill cook?

It's Sunday and it's the Lions tailgate party - and along with Rob to grill up some goodness are the Fox Sports Detroit Girls - Emily and Angela.

"We both went to Michigan State so we both did a lot of tailgating in college," Emily said.

Get on your game faces because we're ready for some thrilling-grilling.

Neither of the girls have grilled with charcoal before, until now. 

And with the Bison Airlighter, it's going to make it easy.

"Look what I've got,  it's the Airlighter," Rob said. "'The portable rapid firestarter.'"

The ladies break open the box and we read the directions - of which there aren't many.

First step, pump in some butane.

Emily gives it a shot.

"I push down on this, okay," she said,

Ten seconds of filling should light up several fires but we just need to start this one in a charcoal grill.

The Bison Airlighter has a child-proof button you have to hold down while hitting the ignitor.  

It's easy - but at first, Angela doesn't even realized she's done it right.

The charcoals are smoking but you can't really see the fire.

"It's a blue flame, I can see it," Rob said.

After about a couple of minutes of heating up the coals, you push back on the button you turn on the airlighter fan.

The Bison Airlighter fan is giving us a nice even fire on our coals. 

"Whoo hoo, there you go," Emily said. "Now we're cookin.'"

"You gotta admit that's pretty cool," Rob said.

"That's awesome," Emily said.

"I like that," Angela added.

If you're not a believer, look at this poor guy they came across at the tailgate. He was having a heck of hard time lighting his fire.

Meanwhile the Bison was smokin'.

Rob had to give it a try.

"Are you a good cook," Emily asked. 

"Damn good," Rob said. "I used to work at a fast food restaurant."

"I was kind of the head burger chef, I don't want to brag."

The results were obvious.

 "Look at that, look at that" Rob said. "Look at this, one-handed.  Just goes to show you.  Men are better on the grill."

Now it was time to meet the meat.  Burgers and an extra thick steak - with a fire the girls started.

Just like in football, this Fame or Shame has a second product.

Number two, the digital thermometer fork from Mr. Bar-B-Q with batteries included.

Now Rob had tried these types of forks before, but this one is pretty high tech. You scroll through the types of meat like lamb, pork, chicken, turkey.

Then, pick what you're cooking and the desired temperature.  

In the group's case, beef. Medium please. Their first jab of the fork the temperatures decrease.  

At least the cooler kept things refrigerated on the way to the game.

For some reason, we seem to have a Canadian version of the Mr. Bar-B-Q fork because the temperature readings are in Celsius.  

According to the directions one needs to be at 70 Celsius for steaks to be medium.

 "So the middle is only 24 degrees?" Rob said.

"You picked a big juicy steak," Angela said.

Now it doesn't really matter that none of us American football fans don't know temperatures in Celsius because the fork is supposed to beep when the meat is ready.

So far, no beeping.

A little later and it's at 48 degrees Celsius, so they keep cooking.

Emily looks a lot better doing the fork and flipper dance than Rob.

"It's beeping,  it's beeping. Can you hear it beeping," Rob said.

Finally, the fork beeps saying the burgers are done.

Anyone who brings a portable hot tub to a tailgate party deserves the first burger.

So the gang gives a guy in the hot tub some grub.

The burgers are cooked perfectly, the steak is another story.

"How are we doing?" Rob asks.

"It's only at 56," Emily said.

Rob thinks the steak looks done, but he's also known for under-cooking his steaks.

Angela would prefer to trust the Mr. Bar-B-Q Digital Thermometer.

Finally it starts beeping.

"Seventy to 75 is medium, get it off there," Rob said.

The moment they've all been waiting for - will it be the perfect medium steak?

Angela's ready to get her grub on.

"That's pretty good," she said.

They let a crazy tailgating dog, "Bubba" be the final judge.

The dog scarfs it down.

The Bison Airlighter: Fame or Shame?

Emily and Angela: "Fame!"

The Mr. Bar-B-Q Thermometer Fork.  Fame or Shame?

Emily and Angela: "Fame!"

The Detroit Lions Fame or Shame?

Emily and Angela: "Fame!"

Fame or Shame tests aren't scientific - just real people testing real products.

Rob said he thinks the Bison Airlighter prototype was probably a blow torch with a hair dryer.

"It takes a little getting used to, but once you master it you can really get your coals started fast," Wolchek said. "It seems really safe."

It retails for $100.

The Mr. Bar-B-Q Thermometer Fork is about $15.

"I tested a similar product about 15 years ago and the technology now is much better."

"Yes, you can change the setting to Fahrenheit, I just couldn't figure it out when we were out on the shoot."
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