Father sues bail bondsmen after being wrongly accused

Men dressed like a SWAT team knock on a family's door in White Lake Township and tell the father he is going to jail.

It turns out the two men were not police and that family has filed a lawsuit.

Justin Matteson was home with his family at 9:15 pm in the middle of December when two men came to the door. He said they looked like police.

"I popped my door open and before I could even open it, they pushed it open," said Matteson. "They told me to turn around, put my hands behind my back and told me I was going to jail."

Matteson said they pulled out the handcuffs, adding his wife and children were terrified. Matteson said both had their hands on their guns. 

"They said 'Justin you are under arrest," he said. "I didn't know what for. I do what every American does, I do my nine to five, come home and raise three kids.

"They looked just like a SWAT team. They had all the tactical gear, they had cameras, they had Tasers just like local law enforcement."

"They handcuffed me and they started reading out the charges," he said. "And the first thing they read off was possession of narcotics. And I knew, I don't do drugs."

He said he discovered it was a mix up. the men were bail bondsman looking for someone else. matteson is now filing a lawsuit against the bail bond company.

"What they told me is that they were looking for a Justin with red hair," he said. "And I am a Justin with red hair. You can't just start accusing a Justin with red hair."

The White Lake Township Police Department issued two warrants for the bail bondsmen working at the You Walk Bail Bond Agency in downtown Detroit.

The warrants are for unlawful entry and assault and battery -- both misdemeanors.

Justin Butler, president of the bail bond company, says his two bail bond agents have never been previously arrested. 

"We acknowledge that our people were there," he said. "We didn't enter the house without permission. We don't believe that to be an accurate charge. We believe that they are going to end up being beat."

He said they have military backgrounds and will be turning themselves in.

"They will hopefully do it within the next couple days," he said. "Today's Thursday, I don't know if Friday will work out. In the next couple days.

"Our attorney has already been in contact with the court and reached out to the detectives and the prosecutor.

"We don't believe that these are bad guys at all. They actually help to make sure the bad guys do show up.

"We'll absolutely follow through in the judicial system we're part of. They don't need to worry,  our guys will be turned in and go through the process."

Butler says his recovery agents are outstanding employees with solid work records that have never been subject to discipline.

Matteson says he is filing his lawsuit to protect future families from a similar situation.
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