FOXe Report: One local house goes completely solar-powered

This beautiful, two-story home is like many others in this Commerce Township neighborhood.

But there is something that sets this house apart - it's completely solar powered, inside and out.

"We installed 34 solar panels on our house," King said. "It powers everything in the house from the lighting to the stove to the garage door opener. The TVs, our phone chargers, we have a pond outside, It powers the waterfall and the pump for the pond. Our entire house is powered by solar."

Solar power is produced by collecting sunlight using solar panels, like those made up of individual solar cells.

The sunlight is then converted into electricity.

Don King used to be a marketing manager for General Motors. But then, as he likes to say, he turned his white collar into a green collar.

Six years ago, he went to work for a solar installation company. And this past July he started his own company, Solar King.

He really believes in solar power.

"It's going to reduce my carbon footprint," King said. "It's going to give me the ability to produce my own energy and reduce my reliance on the utility company's energy,

"The other aspect is the investment side of it, it's a very good investment. The rate of  return of the investment is between 8 and 10 percent. And it's very good on your pocket, your wallet."

Solar energy is becoming more and more popular and more affordable.

It's a clean, renewable energy source that can be used in our homes and soon, perhaps, even our cars.

People like King believe that in the search for a viable alternative to fossil fuels, things are finally "looking up."

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