Freezer case mom lawyer says insanity defense an option

This is a case with so many unanswered questions, what happened inside the apartment where the bodies of two kids were found in a freezer?

Fox 2's Dave Spencer asked those questions to the one man who may know the truth.

A mother of four, Michelle Blair sits inside a Wayne County jail awaiting her fate after two of her kids, 13-year-old Stonie Blair and 9-year-old Stephen Berry, were found dead in her freezer.

Wyatt Harris was appointed by the court to represent Blair on child abuse charges.

"I met with her this past Friday," says Harris, "she's doing the best as she could given the circumstances."

Wyatt's not saying much about their conversations or if the high profile nature of the case will come into play.

It's alleged that Blair lived in the home for up to two years with bodies of her children in the freezer. Does that open it up for an insanity defense? "That's one of many options that we've got to consider," says Harris.

What Harris is not saying other's are being very vocal about. At a church in Highland Park, mothers of murder victims are speaking out hoping to end violence like this.

Brenda Hill, mother of a murder victim asks, "how did we miss a monster that was killing kids and we're steps away from public officials?"

"We have to hold her accountable but look at the safety net. Was there a safety net for her or for the children, or for that family," Reverend David Bullock asks.

Blair has only been charged with child abuse at this time but the prosecution says it's still building its case and more charges could follow including murder charges.
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