Full unedited Inkster police video of beating to be released

The dash cam video of Inkster police beating Floyd Dent during a traffic stop is so violent, it made national headlines.

There is more footage of that January beating that hasn't been made public, and Dent and his attorney say it reveals more cause for concern.

"You are missing the way I was talked to, the way I was treated," Dent said.

Dent was left bloodied and beaten after the traffic stop. He claims Inkster police profiled him pulled him over, which led to the incident.

He was yanked out of the Cadillac and continued to choke and beat him until he was bloody, but Dent says there was more.

And no one has seen what happened when he was brought back to the police station and booked that night.

"I was humiliated, no one should be treated like that," Dent said.

FOX 2 has learned there is up to 20 minutes of video from inside the police station we haven't seen that attorney Greg Rohl suspects may be racially charged.

"I want it because the person who told me it existed was very concerned about what she saw in it," Rohl said. "And that was enough. That was an African-American female detective sergeant and that's good enough for me."

On Wednesday Wayne County Circuit Court Judge David Groner gave Inkster police 24 hours to hand over the unedited version of the video. The Wayne County prosecutor's office given first chance to look at it and Rohl says he expects to have it by Friday at the latest.

As this case continues to unfold we are learning more about the officer his critics call "Robo Cop."

Melendez has officially been fired from Inkster police and previously lost his job with Detroit police. He still works as a part-time office with Highland Park police.

He would not answer the door for FOX 2 but Melendez reportedly claims there is two sides to every story, implying these accusations may be financially motivated.

"I got a video tape what does he got," Rohl said. "I'll stand by the tape any day of the week."

Police claimed that night they found a baggy of crack cocaine in Dent's Cadillac. A charge Dent continues to fight because of this.

Rohl says you can see on the tape Melendez pulls what appears to be the same bag of drugs out of his pocket and then calls it in.

"My guy 37 years at Ford with no record whatsoever," Rohl said. "And I've got him pulling cocaine from his pocket on tape. I don't think there's any question."

Michigan State Police and the FBI continue to investigate and we're told Melendez and his union are fighting his termination.
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