Garden City workers remove 10 raccoons from overrun vacant house

Last week FOX 2 reported on a Garden City house overrun with raccoons.

Neighbors of 7011 Gilman were irritated and worried for the safety of their children and pets.

This week Garden City took action to get rid of the rodents in the  house and terrifying neighbors 

Police say wildlife experts trapped 10 raccoons taking up in the vacant house.

"It's a start in the right direction," said neighbor Monica Batts.

"I see them on the roof going through the garbage," Al Prendergast said.  "I've got to watch out for my little dog. Everybody's got to watch out for their little dogs."

"That's a bus stop," said neighbor Donna Krol. "I'd be fearful if my grandkids or someone like that would actually have to stand there."

The house has been empty for about three years.

When the woman living there moved out, the raccoons and other wildlife moved in and took over.

Even after pest control trapped 10 raccoons Monday, there still might be more inside. 

"We don't believe that's all of them yet," said Garden City Mayor Randy Walker.

FOX 2: "What did you see in there?"

"Raccoons and it's a mess the house is absolute mess," Krol said.

And that's the other reason neighbors want more done ASAP, but the homeowner has yet give the city approval to go into the house.

"Four years ago they pumped out three truckloads of sewage in the basement and nothing was done," Batts said. 

FOX 2: "What would you say to the person that owns this house? 

"Do something about it. you just can't let a house sit and rot and get nasty," Prendergast. 

Walker says the city has contacted the owner.

"We're working with them and we're going to get the property to where it needs to be," Walker said. "We are going to do whatever is necessary to get this property cleaned up. And if it's getting a court order absolutely."

And that won't happen until all the animals in the house are trapped and removed. Walker says in addition to those 10 raccoons they also trapped a possum. 

FOX 2 reached out to the owner but received no response. The city manager says however she is taking steps to clean up the property.
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