Hall of Shame: A fundraising failure

What kind of guy would take advantage of a lady in wheelchair?

His name is Kennard.

"He took advantage of me and my son's godmother and took her money," says Arlene.

Last year, somebody stole Arlene's specially-equipped van. Now, she's got no wheels, except her wheelchair. After the single mom's van was stolen, her son's godmother, Baloy, thought it would be a great idea to hire a professional to hold a fundraiser.

The professional she hired was Kennard LaJuan. A friend recommended him and he looked impressive. He had his own website with fancy logos and photos.

Kennard said he could raise five thousand dollars fast.

Baloy says Kennard told her, "'For you, since you were referred to me, I'll charge you two hundred dollars.'"

Kennard arranged to meet and wanted cash. Baloy wanted a contract so Kennard wrote this out saying he'd raise five grand or give back the 200 dollars.

Baloy says he's done "nothing."

Arlene says Kennard, who signed his name Kennard Williams on the contract, kept promising her he was working on her fundraiser.

Eventually, Kennard told Baloy and Arlene he was so busy he didn't have time for a fundraiser but he got a van for Arlene, or at least he said, he just needed to get the titlework done.

And that's the last they heard from Kennard LaJuan.

So, Arlene contacted FOX 2's Rob Wolchek.

VIDEO: Watch the video in the video player above to see what Wolchek uncovered, and why he puts Kennard in the Hall of Shame.

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