Hall of Shame: Wolchek pulls plug on power promising pastor

Pastor Steve Lee is known for his scorching sermons. At the pulpit, he breaks out burning words from the Bible but some people say the hot-blooded reverend has a cold, cold heart.

At Peter's Rock Church in southwest Detroit is where we first found him. Pastor Lee is clearing the snow so his parishioners can make to church to watch him preach and praise from the pulpit.

Once inside, it will be nice and warm. The opposite of Jaqueline Privett's house since she just had her power shut off. Last year, Jaqueline needed some help with some big DTE bills.  She saw an ad on a neighborhood Facebook page offering help and called the  number.

The pastor said he worked with THAW, the Detroit charity that helps thousands make it through the winter.  According to Jaqueline, the pastor said his church and THAW had a power program that would cost her a fraction of her current bill.

"I asked him if it was okay if I came to his office and he said 'yeah you can come to my office but I'm kinda on the run right now, so if you want to meet me somewhere else that's more convenient that'd be fine'," she said that location was a southwest Detroit gas station. Pastor Lee showed up to the gas station in a fancy new Camaro and Jaqueline handed him this money order for $150.

Jaqueline's  power stayed on but she was alarmed when her next DTE bill came. 

"He changed my account from my name to the First Metro Property Leasing or something like that," she said.

Not only that, it was also a shut off notice.  And now, when she called DTE, they wouldn't really talk to her since the bill wasn't in her name.

She wasn't the only one hurt by the pastor. Another woman answered the ad and paid him $300 to keep the power on. It worked, temporarily and, just like Jaqueline, her bills were changed to a company name as well.

So what happened when Rob Wolchek asked him about it? Only one way to find out. Click play on the video player above to find out.
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