In Oak Park: Neighbors help neighbors to clear the snow

In Oak Park, they used teamwork to get the job done. Spouses shoveling side-by-side and neighbors doing good deeds, all in the name of cleanup.

Traversing the frozen tundra that is his driveway, this wary but brave homeowner trudges towards the FOX 2 camera to give his comments. We'll catch up with him soon.

Throughout the neighborhood though, the tune was a familiar, if altered, one: There's no neighbors like snow neighbors like no neighbors I know.

"Being neighbors, we help each other. That's what Detroit is all about and the world's all about. I have beautiful neighbors and will love em and do anything I can to help and they help me. God bless America."

Mabel is out helping her husband shovel. She hasn't been at work for two days but she's out, all bundled up, she's helping her husband.

"That's love," Mabel told FOX 2's Jason Carr.

That got Jason to thinking. He found a neighbor snowblowing and convinced them to head Mabel's direction. In a matter of minutes, her sidewalk was cleared.

Meanwhile, our wary neighbor continues to trudge to the FOX 2 cameras

When in doubt, Instagram proof for your boss. One woman took video of Jason as he was on the street and he even vouched for her being stuck because of all the white stuff.

As for our wary neighbor, he finally made it to the street.

"Been here too many years to make any changes now," he said.
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