Inkster mom publicly shames her misbehaving sons

An Inkster mother is punishing her kids in a very public way - she's making them hold signs along the road admitting their bad behavior. 

One has been called a "class clown" and the other, "a wild boy."

"I was being bad not listening," said one boy. "Not keeping the room clean."

An 8-year-old and his 7-year-old brother were on display in an Inkster neighborhood. 

FOX 2: "How does it make you feel to hold this sign?"

"Kind of embarrassed," the 8-year-old said.

FOX 2: "What do you think about holding that sign?"

"Sad," the 7-year-old said  "Because it's not nice, because I don't like this."

They were also showing off their new haircuts with patches shaved off.

"Ridiculous," the 7-year-old said he felt.

All of it is punishment for what their mom, Christina Maze, says is months of continuous bad behavior.

"I would rather them be embarrassed and straighten up, then getting into fights and going to jail, killing somebody," Maze said. "We live in a hard city."

It's public shaming and Maze says it's designed to snap them out of their bad behavior and possibly save their lives.

She described the reactions of those driving by on Monday.

"People giving the OK sign, thumbs up, laughing at them," she said. "Because they look ridiculous and that is the point."

But will it work? Dr. Gerald Shiener, a psychiatrist, doesn't think so.

"Public humiliation never works," Shiener said. "It makes the child angry and the kid holds you responsible instead of reflecting on his own behavior."

In fact, Shiener says it may have the opposite result

"A lot of times bad behavior is attention seeking and whatever is going on, it sounds like these kids are getting a whole lot of attention," he said. "And maybe that is what they want, they don't know how to get it any other way."

This single mom who works two jobs says she has tried everything else and will continue with this method.

"I don't care what other people think of my parenting," Maze said. "Until it sinks in, until they get the hint that, if you keep acting this way, you are going to stay out here as long as it takes."

As for the kids, one wants to be a scientist, the other a cowboy when they grow up, said ....

FOX 2: "How do think you can stop it?:

"By cleaning up my room and listening to my mom," said the 7-year-old. "Doing everything I can."

 It is unknown what effect this will have in the long term.

"The thing that makes the most sense is ignore the bad behavior and try to reinforce the good behavior," Shiener said.

Mom says if this doesn't sink in, the next trip might be to inkster police for another dose of getting "scared straight."
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