'King of Craigslist' appears in Oakland County court

The King of Craigslist was in court Friday and was the subject of a Problem Solver investigation last summer.

FOX 2's Rob Wolchek showed how Denny Dicapo used Craigslist to lure customers into bad investment deals and sell cars.

He was arrested in November for one of his auto deals. To watch that report that placed him in the Hall of Shame, CLICK HERE.

Denny Dicapo was blowing FOX 2's Rob Wolchek kisses Friday.

That isn't a valentine for Wolchek in his envelope, it's just his court papers.

Dicapo seems to go from hiding from the camera to posing for the camera while in Judge Rudy Nichols' Oakland County circuit courtroom.

Dicapo, who once called himself the "King of Craigslist" was there for a pretrial.  He is charged with felony charges of  false pretenses more than $1,000 and possession of a motor vehicle with intent to pass a false title.

Being a habitual fourth time offender, Dicapo is facing some hard time in prison if convicted.

Wolchek first met Dicapo last summer when he was hooked up with a big-time crook named Sebastian Restum. Victims told FOX 2 Denny was using 

Craigslist ads to lure them into investment deals. Dicapo was lining up customers for a supposed rich private investor named Sam Ajami.

Nathan and Ken were two guys who say Dicapo lead them like lambs to the slaughter. Ken says he lost $40,000 in the deal. Nathan personally handed Denny Dicapo a check for $61,000.

It turns out, Sam Ajami, the rich investor Dicapo introduced the victims to, was really Sebastian Restum, the big crook.

Restum is in jail. but Denny was still out long enough for Wolchek to get him selling houses and selling cars.

He finally got arrested in November by the Auburn Hills Police Department for his current charges.

Even though these charges didn't relate to the bad investment deal Nathan says Denny led him into last year, Nathan was in court to see him in handcuffs.

Wolchek: "You really feel like this guy ruined your life?"

"Yeah, he had a hand in making my life and my family's life very hard 

in the last 12 months," Nathan said.

Nathan did get to see denny, but didn't get the hear him speak - suddenly Dicapo didn't like the publicity.     

Dicapo's attorney objected to the FOX 2 camera in the courtroom - "Our feeling is he's being tried in the press, convicted in the press and it's sullying the jury pool."

Nichols said it was an open court room and that the objection was noted - then delivered the trial date of March 11.

Nathan says the whole spectacle of how Dicapo acted in court was unsettling.  

"I was angry, angry, angry," Nathan said. "It's a different feeling than I've ever had. He was smiling and making kissy lips to the camera. It made me even more angry."

Dicapo has not been charged yet in the case with Nathan, but the FBI is investigating.

He has been named in a lawsuit filed by Nathan and others - it claims that the Craigslist ads led them to losing tens of thousands of dollars.
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