Laid off employees of Just Baked cupcakes waiting for last check

Cupcake chain Just Baked shuttered several stores and some workers say they've been left out in the cold.

Not only did they lose their jobs, but their last paychecks as well from the business that closed a number of stores Jan. 5.

Some former employees say they did get checks - which bounced. 

Jamal Jordan is one of those employees that was depending on that money. 

"It's only right," he said. "It's not like we're trying to bash them or say they are a bad company. They're a great company. It's just the fact that you've got employees, you let us go. Let us have our check."

FOX 2 spoke to many former employees who had similar stories.

"It's pretty frustrating as a single mom and that being your only job," said another.

FOX 2 and Jordan took a trip to the Just Baked location in Livonia. There are still franchises open which are separate from the corporate business that is closed. 

The doors were locked, windows covered but it was clear there were people inside. 

FOX spoke with Todd Turkin, the husband of Pam Turkin, the owner of Just Baked. He has not been involved in the company in over a year, but he is involved now. 

And he says, he is doing everything he can to make it right. 

"These people put the time in," he said. "And they deserve to get paid. I probably did not get back to everybody as quickly as I should have. Those that I have spoken to, I have started to I have started to take care of the checks.

"I'm cashing checks that are made out to the company, I'm sending it on to the employees. I am meeting a group of four or five of them tomorrow. 

"It's going to take a potentially long amount of time but I am committed to paying every person. It's the right thing to do, it's what she wants me to do and that's what I am doing.. 

"They put their effort, their hard-earned money into opening a Just Baked franchise and they didn't deserve to get closed because the corporate company had financial troubles.

"So they're operating and you shouldn't be mad at them."

As for those open franchises, Turkin wanted to make it clear they have nothing to do with the corporate financial struggles and they are a separate entity. 

If you are a former employee who has not been paid, contact Todd Turkin, he wants to do everything he can to make it right. 
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