Livonia man brings eco-friendly ice melt to Michigan

Record snowfall and several weeks of winter still lie ahead of us and that means slipping and sliding. But a new product is changing the way you treat the ice on your steps and sidewalk

Melters LLC is a true American success story, born out of last year's polar vortex.

"Last year I was like everyone else," Dave Popke remembers. "I couldn't find salt to put on my own driveway. I had such tremendous pack, I couldn't even pull my car into my driveway."

So when Popke and his business partner, Mark Baldwin, came across this ice melting product that's making traveling and walking easier in the east coast, they had to bring it here so they opened a business in Livonia

"You will use somewhere in the neighborhood of 33 or 50 percent less salt from the first time you use it starting the first time you use Ice B'Gone Magic," Popke said. "Municipalities, county, the state, you will save significant money and reduce your salt use. There's nothing bad about that."

Plus they say its 100 percent biodegradable, pet friendly, and landscape friendly by decreasing the wear and tear on building fronts, floors and carpets. The patented liquid solution can be sprayed over rock salt or bought already mixed in bags. Unlike regular rock salt which stops working at 18 degrees it keeps ticking all the way down to minus 35.

"This product Ice B'gone Magic is so safe that in the strictest watershed areas of New York, this product is endorsed for use and we are sitting on a watershed area with the metro parks Ann Arbor Downriver this is a product for everybody," Popke said.

Popke and Baldwin hope even during the whitest of conditions, people will see the benefits of going green. Slipping and sliding are unfortunate side affects of winter, but they dont have to be.

"There are a number of de-icing agents. The unfortunate part is the industry is unregulated; people make outrageous claims that do everything but cure death and people realize that's not the case our product does work," Popke said.

Several municipalities communities like Northville, Plymouth, and Taylor are already trying out the eco-friendly form of rock salt to see if it might be a good fit for them. If you want to get your hands on a bag for your home, CLICK HERE.

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