Parolee in jail after intervening in gas station shooting caught on high-definition video

A parolee is in jail after intervening in a gas station shooting caught on high-definition video.

- Despite being cleared by Detroit police, Devon Todd, was taken to jail after his parole officer determined his involvement in Sunday's gas station shooting was a violation of his parole.

The shooting took place at the Mobil gas station located at 15510 Fenkell Ave. on Detroit's west side that is also a Project Green Light gas station. High-definition video was captured due to the partnership between the Detroit Police Department and gas stations in which real-time camera connections with police headquarters were installed in the gas stations.

The shooter was found and arrested after the video was released, but now Todd is in prison as well.

The video shows that as Todd went into the gas station, a man and a woman approached Todd's car, with two of his brothers inside. Todd attempted to intervene.

"He came out of the gas station, he stood by to listen to what's going on. He said, ‘What's wrong with this guy?’ as he got aggressive he just hit him and the guy fell out,” said Todd’s father, David Todd Sr.

That's when the woman reached under her skirt, pulled out a gun and fired it into the car, striking one of Todd's brothers three times. He took the woman down and wrestled the gun out of her hand.

“(He) got the gun away from her, at the same time she’s yelling, ‘Get the other gun, get the other gun.’ ... He was stuck for a minute. He said, ‘Daddy, I just reacted. I thought he was going to kill David.’”

Todd Sr. said his son grabbed the weapon and drove his brother straight to the hospital. Once his brother was stable, Todd drove to the Detroit Police Department and turned himself and the woman's weapon in.

Detroit police investigated and told FOX 2 they cleared Todd of any wrongdoing and let him go.

But on Monday, Todd's parole officer had him hauled off to jail, claiming what happened was a violation of his parole.

"I don't understand that. ... He's in jail, on his way, to prison for saving his brother’s life, and I can't digest it,” his father said.

David Sr. said when his son was younger, he was convicted of armed robbery and served five years in prison, but is now working to turn his life around. He had a job and spent his free time with his brothers.

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