Paralyzed U of M student needs online support for new van

For Drew Clayborn to reach his goals he needs a unique vehicle and has a plan to get one - with your help.

- A college student paralyzed as a teen in a tragic accident is refusing to let his disability slow him down, but to reach his goals he needs a unique vehicle and has a plan to get one - with your help.

Drew Clayborn 15 years old when he was paralyzed while doing a backflip at high school. The soon-to-be senior at the University of Michigan is majoring in biomathematics.

"I want to do some type of medical research and help cure some illness," he says. Drew is really a hero to many, overcoming so many obstacles with so many goals.

"Whether it’s paralysis or something else, he wants to leave his mark," says Ledon Clayborn. "Leave a legacy, which is something we all strive to do."

No doubt he will - he truly believes he can accomplish anything.

"If anybody's able to look at what I'm doing and be able to use that to motivate themselves, that's always great," Drew says. "Just keep fighting, like Rocky. Just keep going - keep fighting, you're never out of it."

Which brings us back to the van. Wherever Drew is going, he's got to have a vehicle to get there. His current van is 14 years old and isn't working as well as it once did.

"It's not like I can get in any old car or any old van," he says. "It has to be one with a lift."

Coincidentally, May is National Mobility Awareness Month, and Drew could win a new van if he gets enough votes in a Local Hero contest.

"He would have transportation that would last him through grad school and hopefully into the work force, which is huge," says Ledon. "He has to have his own transportation and it has to be reliable."

You can learn more about Drew and vote for him in the contest at his website,

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