Elderly homeowner shoots robber in Brightmore home invasion

A homeowner fights back grabbing his gun after intruders terrorize his family demanding jewelry and cash.

- A homeowner fights back grabbing his gun after intruders terrorize his family demanding jewelry and cash.

He managed to shoot one of the suspects but the search for the other suspects isn't over.

Neighbors are calling one of their own hero here in the Brightmore area on Detroit's west side. 

At 5:20 p.m. Monday night, when two elderly homeowners are getting out of their car, a group of men ordered them into their house.

They were robbed. But as the suspects were leaving, one of the victims turned the tables on them.

"The victim was able to grab ahold of his weapon and fire a couple shots at the suspect," said Sgt. Michael Woody, Detroit police.

One suspect was hit in the leg. When he went to the hospital, the police arrested him.

"He's the bad guy," said neighbor Ralph Coleman. "I don't feel sorry for him."

"He has been placed under arrest for the robbery," Woody said. "He will be questioned and hopefully he gives up his accomplices so we can bring them to justice as well."

The homeowners were not injured.

The incident happened in the Brightmore area on the west side of Detroit. Over the years Brightmore has had a tough reputation but the neighbors here support the victim in the incident.

"I would have done the same thing," said resident Gail Harold. "I would have shot the crap out of them. Like they did, they called the police, they did the right thing, they are heroes."

FOX 2: "Do you own a gun?"

"Of course," said Coleman.

FOX 2: "Another situation where the homeowner defended themself against crime with guns, (is that) good?"

"You know what, I think so," Woody said. "You have the right to defend your home. your safety, your security. Without having all the facts in front of me, appears to be something that the average person would do."

Charges against the suspect in custody are pending.

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