Robbers targeting Uber, Lyft drivers caught after chase near Birch Run

Two auto theft suspects from Detroit -- leading police up north on a wild chase, lasting from Soaring Eagle casino -- all the way to Birch Run.

Two auto theft suspects from Detroit led police up north on a wild chase from Soaring Eagle casino -- all the way to Birch Run.

A crashed up Kia was finally stopped by Michigan State Police after leading them on a chase from Soaring Eagle Resort through multiple counties all the way to Birch Run.

It is the same suspects believed to have kidnapped and carjacked two Detroit Lyft drivers and an Uber driver since Thursday and were even driving the Kia they stole Saturday night.

"There was a strong armed robbery of a purse - somebody used a weapon to steal a woman's purse, jumped into a car and fled the scene," said Lt. David Kaiser, Michigan State Police.

That was Tuesday afternoon and Michigan State Police used their cars, a drone and a dog to track them down. Two 20 year-old men from Detroit are now under arrest.

It provided a huge relief for Uber driver Harun Ali - who was kidnapped and carjacked early Sunday morning. He managed to escape with the suspect's gun, but the bad guys still demanded ransom from his friends - then outran police in Ali’s Lincoln Navigator - which is still missing.

"I'm worried about the guy because he knows me," Ali said. "He has my phone, my wallet, my ID. I'm worried - about my family too."

He said the suspects had used his credit card, but now police say the two men are in custody and won't be going anywhere any time soon, facing potential life felonies.

Detroit police are warning Uber drivers not to pick anyone up if they're not at an exact address.

"That's what happened in all these situations," said Sgt. Robert Wellman, Detroit police. "The addresses were not good. A person showed up from between a couple houses, flagged him down and said 'I'm the guy that called you.' And that's how it all started."

Ali and his friends still want Uber and Lyft to do more to protect their drivers.

"After this thing happened, all the Uber and Lyft drivers got scared," said Delwar Ansar.

But hopefully now - they can rest a little easier.

"It's good news for all the Uber drivers and Lyft drivers who are driving," Ansar said.

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