Neighbors try to help WWII hero living in roach-infested home

Tommie James Glover served this country bravely in World War II. Now, his neighbors are hoping help him live in dignity.

- Neighbors of a World War II hero are hoping that FOX 2 viewers are able to help this man who helped his country.

The 94-year-old war hero is living in squalor today. Tommie James Glover goes by the nickname "The Captain" and neighbors say he's lived alone at the home since his wife died 20 years ago.

It looks nice but his neighbor, Dave Franklin, said it's infested and it's taking a toll on The Captain's health.

"He's a 94 year old Navy veteran. He's a good guy, all around, good guy," Franklin said. The problem is the house. "It's roach infested. Big ones, littles ones, they're everywhere."

Other neighbors, like Kathy Scott, want to help

"They're nasty and he's 90 something years old and bless to live that long and I think that he needs some help," Scott said.

The Captain says he knows it's cluttered and that its' bad for his health.

He invited us inside and we found that it was cluttered. But we also found evidence that there are some creatures living with The Captain. We asked him about his mess and he said he didn't want to give it away.

The Captain says there were roaches there once but they're gone now.

Kevin Veasey, another neighbor, said they've tried talking to him about his house.

"90 year olds aren't going to listen to what you say. They have their ways and you can't tell them when they're 90-something," Veasey said.

The Captain says he wouldn't mind some help cleaning up house. He says he's lived there for 30 years and he's not going anywhere.

If you'd like to help the captain, let us know what you can do by calling our newsdesk at 248-552-5103.

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