Police: Jogger was killed in Rose Twp from shotgun blasts

It's been nearly a month now since the murder of Ally Brueger and investigators are still asking for the public's help.

- Ally Brueger was gunned down on a rural road in Oakland County and still no arrests.

It's been nearly a month now since the murder of Brueger and investigators are still asking for the public's help.

"Every day is another day closer," said Lt. Mike Shaw of Michigan State Police.

Brueger was out for a run near her parents' home in Rose Township the afternoon of July 30th - when she was gunned down.

"We do think that by some of the things we saw there, it is possible she knew who her assailant was," Shaw said.

Whoever it was used a shotgun hitting her multiple times and killed the 31-year-old registered nurse and graduate student who was an avid runner.

Her violent death happened just days before two other women were murdered while running in New York and Massachusetts.

"These are not related at all - there's sexual assaults in the ones out east some damage to the bodies that were conducted," said Shaw. "Totally different methods as far as these go."

Shaw says investigators are still trying to locate a white or light-colored sedan in relation to Ally's case.

"What we're doing now is we're running down every tip that we've gotten," he said. "We've gotten about 60 tips.

"This is a very big priority for us and we're making sure that we have the people out there to do our job."

FOX 2: "Do you feel like you're making progress - are you getting closer?"

"We're making progress," he said.

Investigators are making progress - asking for tips - but keeping much of what they know under wraps - for now.

"What we want to do it we want to get a conviction in court - that's our ultimate goal," Shaw said. "Find out who's responsible for this - get closure for the family - and get a conviction in court."

The family has set up a GoFundMe page that has raised $22,000 for a $30,000 goal for medical and funeral expenses. CLICK HERE to donate.

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