Three Boost Mobile thieves caught on video

Three Boost Mobile thieves were caught on video by the store owner.

- A business owner on Detroit's west side installed security cameras after thieves ransacked her store this summer. The thieves came back looking for more, but this time were caught on video.

Three criminals broke into a Boost mobile store on Warren near Evergreen on Labor Day.

"It was a long crowbar but they tried for14 minutes to get into the back door," said store owner Angela Hamilton.

But they got in. And it seems that these criminals know exactly what they wanted. They even brought their own bags.

They stole 28 phones, 42 LG tones and a lot of accessories.

Owning a Boost Mobile business was all that Hamilton ever wanted. Having worked for the company for eight years, she was given the opportunity to own the store and bought it in May. She became one of the first black females to own a Boost Mobile store in Michigan.

"Breaking into people's stores is not good for other people or other families," Hamilton said.

And actually, it's not going to be good for the criminals either.

Once the phones were stolen, Hamilton blacklisted them -- meaning you can't get them activated, so they're not worth anything.

But I guess there's a market for purchasers of blacklisted, unusable phones. You can see a pretty good picture of one of the criminals and another one can be identified by, his, ah well, backside. 

Hamilton said while her family wants her to move, she refuses to leave.

"I'm not a quitter, and I'm not a runner," she said. "We just need to wake up the city and let those guys that are stealing and robbing and carjacking everybody -- let's stop it."

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