Feds raid home of doctor suspected of illegal abortions (UPDATE)

A West Bloomfield doctor suspected in illegal abortions had feds raid his house and office.

- Federal agents raided the home of a local doctor suspected in performing illegal abortions.

At the center of the investigation is West Bloomfield Dr. Michael Roth.

FOX 2 was the only camera at the scene as the doctor walked out of the police station but he didn't feel like talking.

FOX 2: "Dr. Roth, anything to say about this investigation?"

Roth: "Just go away."

The attorney general's office have previously investigated Roth. In 2004, he was put on probation and fined. He was found negligent and incompetent and in one stipulation of his probation is that he wasn't allowed to perform abortions outside of a clinical setting. That is one of the allegations of the current case.

Earlier Tuesday night, police wrapped up an investigation at his home on Orchard Lake Road and at his practice. FOX 2 watched investigators carrying grocery bags among other things from the apartment that sits right on the water off Orchard Lake.

West Bloomfield police were able to confirm that two search warrants were executed in this case so far - one at Roth's home and the other at the doctor's practice.

While details are sketchy as to what they were looking for and what they uncovered, police did say this stems from a crash the doctor was allegedly involved in, on 14 Mile Road near Orchard Lake two weeks ago.

The crash left one person critically injured and inside Roth's vehicle was said to be a gruesome discovery, according to sources.

Now, the attorney general confirms they too are investigating Dr. Roth. Sources tell us he is suspected in conducting illegal abortions and thus, is subject to this investigation.

Dr. Roth is free to come and go. At the police station he was overheard wanting to talk to someone wondering why police kicked down his front door while executing the search warrant.

He said he gave them the key.

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