Police, FBI investigate woman after Dearborn threatened in tweet

Dearborn police is investigating a woman for tweeting threats.

- Hours after the terror attacks in Paris, a local woman allegedly took to Twitter to encourage violence against Muslims in Dearborn. Now Sarah Beebe is under investigation by the FBI, U.S. Attorney and local police.

Beebe tweet reads, "Dearborn, MI, has the highest Muslim population in the United States. Let's (expletive) that place up and send a message to ISIS. We're coming."

"We're going to conduct a thorough investigation," says Dearborn Chief Ronald Haddad. "We are going to present it to both the U.S. Attorney and our Wayne County Prosecutor."

Officials in Dearborn have talked to Beebe and, in a statement, the FBI and the US Attorney's office said they will "prosecute those that meet the legal elements of a criminal offense."

"In this case they have threatened our entire city, our entire community," Haddad says. "We have about 100,000 residents; we have about 200,000 daily visitors. Therein lies the threat and challenge."

Now Beebe has reportedly taken down that tweet, and, in fact, deleted all of her social media and issued an apology to the city of Dearborn.

"The people of Dearborn don't support ISIS," mayor Jack O'Reilly says. "ISIS is not even a government or entity. It is a self-declared entity. They represent an ideology and, as far as I know, I've never met anybody in this town that shares their ideology."

If you put something that is threatening on the Internet, you could be charged both with a federal crime and a state crime. That's what authorities are determining in Beebe's case right now.

"People really feel they are special if they post these things, so sometimes I think it is just to make themselves feel good. But the problem is, you can't ignore it," O'Reilly says.

And Dearborn is not ignoring it.

"As a consequence, we're all on high alert to make sure we keep our community safe," Haddad says. "And these tweets are not very helpful."

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