Formerly homeless, man celebrates birthday by giving back

He was homeless at the age of 16, now he's turning 25 and turning his life around.

He was homeless at the age of 16, now he's turning 25 and turning his life around.

Rashawn Higgs is on a quest to give back to the community he loves so much.

"There are a lot of people homeless and hungry," Higgs said.

But now, a formally homeless man is helping out. Meet Rashawn Higgs, who was homeless at 16.

"I used to be homeless down here, about five years ago," he said. "My whole point of this was for everybody on their birthday to give something to someone else less fortunate."

On Wednesday, Higgs turned 25 and he's giving back, clothes and food.

"That's what he's doing for his birthday, that is sweet," said Maudka McCrory. "He has a big heart."

Higgs said he spent about $300 of his own money to buy clothes at various thrift shops. And as far as food goes, he bought groceries and made a few hundred sandwiches. 

"One of the simplest things you can do is make a sandwich," he said. "It takes nothing but a second to make a sandwich."

"I actually left school just to come and help," said Shelby Fouchey, 14. "This is a nice thing. Nobody has stuff and it is nice to give away when you have it to give away."

And it was a step-brother, one of 16 step kids, that helped Rashawn get his first job at a Kroger store.   He's had steady jobs since, but would like to go into the military. 

FOX 2: "What can homeless people do?"

"I'll say this - it is really hard because it is a depression almost," Higgs said. "Sometimes you don't see a way out. You need someone to lend a helping hand."

Higgs said his plan was to give everything he loaded his truck up with away, today.

Rashawn has a Facebook page - "Let's help the world."

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