Judicial Tenure Commission files complaint against Judge Gorcyca

Judge Gorcyca has two weeks to respond to the complaint.

- A Michigan judge who ordered some siblings to juvenile detention for refusing to meet with their estranged father is now facing backlash.

A formal complaint has been filed by the Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission against Judge Lisa Gorcyca. The commission has also requested that the Supreme Court appoint a master to preside over a formal hearing in the matter.

Gorcyca's case involving the three Tsimhoni kids made international news this summer. Judge Gorcyca sent them to Children's Village as punishment for refusing to have lunch with their father.

Those siblings are now 14, 11 and 10 years old. There was such outcry they were allowed out of Children's Village and moved to intensive family treatment.

The case is still winding its way through the courts with numerous calls and efforts to have Judge Gorcyca removed from the case. So far, all of those have been unsuccessful.

Now this formal complaint alleges that Judge Gorcyca failed to act in a patient, dignified, courteous manner; that she displayed improper demeanor; that she used a raised, angry voice; that she laughed at the children and was sarcastic with them; and that she misrepresented the law.

All of this, if found true, could constitute misconduct in office, according to the complaint filed by the Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission.

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