Would-be robber shot and killed at Detroit gas station

A would-be thief picks the wrong guy to rob on Detroit's west side. The suspect's intended target was armed -- and he wasn't afraid to shoot.

- “We've been here 40 - 50 years - family owned business - and it's crazy to have something like that happen here.”

Bilal Jawad manages the Mobil gas station at Seven Mile and Meyers which is open 24 hours. The overnight clerk was just doing business when the bullets started flying around 1 'clock Tuesday morning...

It happened here at a window where a customer was trying to make a purchase. That's when the would-be robber came up and demanded his money.

“The guy just pulled out a gun and said ‘Empty your pockets’ and he didn't know the other guy had a gun and pulled it out and I guess - shot him.”

“I'm not sure how many times he got shot but the bullets hit him in the back and in the chest.”

The 23-year-old man. The 29-year-old shooter was taken in for questioning. Police say he does not have a CPL, but customers here at the Mobil say he did the right thing.

“I say good. It's about time. People are tired - they're picking on children and they're picking on seniors,” said Barbara Weiss.

Weiss - who has been robbed at another gas station before says this shooting should send a message.

“It's about time that these people know that people aren't going to take it anymore - we've had enough. Leave us alone and get a job and be responsible - or go to jail, or die - you know - that's what's going to happen to you out here.”

It's not clear what charges - if any - the shooter will be facing.

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