City Councilwoman files report against Fraser Mayor

A councilwoman in Fraser says the mayor offered her a 'quid pro quo' for her vote.


A councilwoman in the city of Fraser has filed a police report against the city's mayor saying he tried to make a trade for her vote on an upcoming city contract bid.

Barbara Jennings said it sounds like quid pro quo. She said she was at the beer tent in July at the Fraser city carnival when the mayor allegedly said he would vote for the city manager she wants if she votes for the towing company he wants.

"I was going to give him the extension but the two other guys on council, i often refer to him as his guys or team, said they wanted a deal," Jenning said.

That deal, she says, would involve her voting for Foster's Towing and in return, the city manager gets a one-year extension on his contract.

"I was shocked. i said you've known me a long time Doug, I don't believe it," Jenning said she went to the police to file a report.

However, because it involves the mayor and a councilwoman, the Fraser Police will not be investigating. It's unknown who will be investigating at this time.

So, why the city manager? It's been reported that Councilwoman Jennings is seeing the city manager. She admits to it.

"He's been talking about it for four years. I'm a widow, he's a single man, we do go out," Jenning said.

The mayor reached out to Fox 2 but would not go on camera due to an ongoing investigation. However, the mayor confirm that there was a meeting in the beer tent where the mayor questioned Councilwoman Jennings how she felt about the Foster's Towing contract.  The Mayor has not seen the complaint and would not elaborate any further.

Matt Hemelberg is another council member and says he was there that day but doesn't know what she's talking about.

"I honestly have no idea. I was there that night in the beer tent. I didn't see anything of it," he said.

Could this be bad blood between the council member and the mayor?

"He's very rude to me to me at council. I have little old ladies coming up to me saying they're praying for me. He cuts me off, he won't let me talk," she said.

The talking will be done at a council meeting this Thursday when the towing bids will be discussed. 

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