Detroit repair job on driveway after main break makes it worse

A repair job after a main break made the situation worse say residents in one neighborhood.

- A string of problems plaguing a northwest Detroit street.

First a broken water line caused a major mess, now homeowners say the city's repair job only made matters worse.

FOX 2 is told neighbors had been calling the city for weeks but can't get a response - now the Problem Solvers are stepping in.

Here on Appoline Street, a fire hydrant started leaking water sometime early December.  The city came out and fixed it, which was the good news, but then problems.

"They patched it back up, but the hole has opened back up," said Timothy Barnes. "Now it has gotten my driveway cracked."

It is a big hole. 

"I've lived here 20 years and I've never had a problem with my driveway," Barnes said.

Well now he does have a problem - and it's more of a problem for Timothy because he's disabled.

And being that it is a residential area with plenty of foot traffic, it is also dangerous to others.

"I tried calling the city at least 10 or 15 times, they said they would try to get someone to call (me) back," Barnes said. "And they never called back, so I called you guys."

Now Fox 2 has a pretty good track record of helping people, especially disabled people who are in a bad situation, and when there's a dangerous condition.

So Charlie Langton got on the phone with the city to track down who it is that is supposed to fix this broken driveway. And sure enough ...

Now within hours the city did clean the driveway and they said will pour new concrete in the spring, when the weather is warmer.  Another happy viewer. 

"I'm very happy and the kids can walk to school safely," Barnes said.

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