Flint fire stations turn into water stations

Flint fire stations are handing out plenty of water, but the demand is high.

Truckloads of supplies and other aid -- coming to Flint all day, every day.

But so far -- it's not enough. Local fire stations -- converted into "water stations" handing out bottled water to thousands of residents.

People in the neighborhoods have been coming to the water stations  for one case a day - and it's still not enough.

"I don't feel we should have to pay a $180 water bill a month for water that we cannot drink we cannot cook with and half of us is afraid to bathe with it," said one resident. "And then they only want to give you one case of water a day - that's pitiful."

"Of course they're going to need more than one case a day but it's just that we're helping out an entire city," said a National Guardsman. "So it's short supply, we have to give what we can. We give a case a day and it’s not enough."

"It's awful, awful, awful," said one resident.

At this water resource station they are handing out 200 cases per hour.  Up the road - it's 300 to 500 per hour.

People with children especially worried since lead in the water coming from their faucets - is so toxic.

"It's a struggle," said another resident. "It's going to be a struggle for all of us and we don't know what the outcome is going to be.

"I'm so scared that I'm ready to move, just . I don't want to wait until my kids get sick or I get sick."

"I got six in the home," said another woman. "And it's dangerous we can't take a bath. We need help."

The only help available right now keeps coming with nine pallets being dropped off.

FOX 2: "Nine pallets will last how long?

"Maybe three, four hours," said a Flint firefighter handing them out.

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