Woman claims McDonald's cashier attacked her in front of her kids

A woman claims that a Detroit McDonald's employee served up a beat down.

A Detroit woman alleges she was attacked by a cashier at a southwest Detroit McDonald's in front of her children.

"You can see all the bruises on my hands and my arms - its pretty bad." said the woman.

Bruising is also on her forehead, behind her ear and on her arms where this 31-year-old mother of six says  she was punched as she tried to protect herself from a cashier  she says she was trying to order from - at McDonald's.

"I've never dealt with this in my life," she said. "So for me to go and order food and for someone to swing on me like that in front of my kids - it's horrible."

The victim asked not to be identified because she fears for her safety, but says it happened at the
McDonald's at Vernor and Livernois at 6:30 p.m. Saturday.

Her children went to the play area with her friend - she went to the counter to order.

"He looked at me with a funny look and said 'Don't I know you' and I said ‘No I don't think so' and I was really polite," she said, "And he said 'No I do know you" really rude. He started getting really rude with me."

The victim says the cashier asked her if she knew someone named Tamika, she didn't know what he was talking about. And then he said Tamika was looking for her.

"I just said 'Can I order my food' and he just reached over the counter," she said. "And he first tried to smack me and so I backed up and I was like - 'What the hell are you doing.'"

Her first instinct was to go get her kids but she says the cashier came out from behind the counter.

"He just ran up to me and he punched me at least 20 times," she said. "And everybody just stood there and just watched. Nobody came out. There was one bystander; one gentleman threw him off of me.

"I was able to grab my children and get out of there."

She left, ran home and called 911.

Detroit police say they will be reviewing the video from inside that McDonald's while the victim says she wants everyone to see just what happened in there

In the meantime she says her children, who saw what happened, won't be going back for a happy meal anytime soon.

"My kids are scared and it's supposed to be somewhere they can have fun at," she said. "Not somewhere where they're going to see somebody beat on their mom."

There has been no statement on the alleged incident from McDonald's.

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