911 call of man who found April Millsap's body played in court

The murder trial continued against the man accused of stomping a teenage girl to death after trying to rape her.

A jury heard the 911 call Friday of the man who discovered 14-year-old April Millsap's body in July of 2014. She had been dragged into a ditch off of the Macomb Orchard Trail in Armada while walking her dog.

"I'm fairly certain we just found a body along the mountain bike trail," said the caller.

Operator:  "You don't believe she's breathing?"

"I don't think so," the caller said.

Police say 34-year-old James VanCallis did it.

Testimony was read from Matthew Sadaj who says following April's dog Penny. He discovered what appeared to be a mannequin, but looking closer, he found something else.

"As we went past, the dog was down in the ditch," said . "And she was whimpering this time. . whimpering

"Not even 15 feet away from where I was standing at in the ditch, there was a girl with her clothes," said Sadaj, reading a statement in court. "With her skirt down at her knees and her shirt pulled up above her chest and her head kicked back."

VanCallis is charged in her murder and of trying to sexually assault her.

Eric Reschke says he saw a man with his height and weight riding beside April on his motorcycle minutes before police believe, he attacked her with his helmet  then stomped her to death.

Defense attorney: "Does that look like the type of helmet he was wearing?"

"Yes," Reschke said.

But the defense argued Reschke never saw the man's face and cannot say with certainty it was VanCallis' motorcycle he saw on that trail along with his clothing.

"I believe he was wearing a backpack but I can't swear on my life," said Reschke.

The prosecution is questioning a forensic scientist as the jury looks at crime scene photos showing April's body with what he calls "no visible signs of life."

"Her blouse and bra were pulled down to about her waist area, her blue shorts and undergarments were pulled down to around her ankles." said Phillip Newmeyer of Armada police department.

Noticing blood on April's body and on a tree, investigators say they didn't find any motorcycle tracks or evidence connected to VanCallis.

Attorney: "Did you find any association between Mr. James VanCallis and Ms. April Dawn Millsap or any indicators of association. You did not, correct?"

"I did not correct," said Michael Kusliski, forensic scientist for MSP

The trial continues Jan. 26.

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