Boy kicked off basketball team for father's marijuana smell

A 6-year-old boy was kicked off his basketball team because his father arrived to games smelling of marijuana.

- A 6-year-old boy was kicked off his basketball team after the athletic association found his father's marijuana smell inappropriate.

DeShaun was removed for the Redford Township Junior Athletic Association basketball team called "Thunder" after multiple incidents involving his father.

William Craig Johns, DeShaun's grandfather, said DeShaun's father came to one of his games smelling of marijuana and was asked to leave. He left without problems, but returned to the gym weeks later smelling of marijuana and was again asked to leave. Johns said DeShaun's father has a medical marijuana card.

The grandfather said DeShaun's father had a verbal argument with a school official who asked him to leave.

"He did rip up a dollar or something and kind of threw it towards her, and she said she was assaulted by him," Johns said.

He said his grandson was allowed to play in two more games and then they were told DeShaun was removed from the team

"Why did they let him play in 2 more games and let it go on for so long before they decided to kick him off?" he said.

The athletic association told FOX 2 in a statement:

"The dismissal of the family from our basketball program was a direct result of actions and threats made by the student athlete's father. This incident fell under restrictions stated in our code of conduct.  Unfortunately, we were unable to retain the student athlete. This was a decision that was not taken lightly, and was only made final after several attempts were made to resolve the situation with the parents."

But the grandfather said he hopes the association's board members will reconsider and not make his grandson pay for his father's actions.

"I just wish board would reconsider and let him come back to basketball," Johns said.

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