Active shooter response workshops become the norm after rash of tragedies

- A video dramatization is based on what really happens but it's a simulation of what people should do if an active shooter opens fire. 

The video is used by Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard in his talks to workplaces like he did recently at FOX 2. He has also visited other so-called "soft targets" like places of worship and community groups. 

They all call on the county's top cop to learn what they should do. Today, the country is mourning another senseless mass shooting at a Ventura county bar in California. 

"I talked to the sheriff from Ventura, he's a friend of mine but it's the worst thing that anybody can imagine happening in their community," said Bouchard.

Sheriff Bouchard always teaches people to run, hide and if the shooter finds you, fight. 

"If that area is breached, then it is fight, game on. Do whatever including using force to defend yourself or others," he said.

Sheriff Bouchard adds when you walk into a bar or restaurant, treat it like you do when you walk onto a plane.  

"They say the exit closest to you may be behind you," Bouchard said. "Just think the same kind of thing, when you walk into a building, if something happens, even a fire, how do I get out of here? Where do I go? think about those things a little bit and then put it away."

If you feel numb to the news of this shooting that came on the heels of the synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh at the end of October.  There's a reason.  Psychologists say timing has everything to do with why.  

"When people are exposed to repeated stories without time in between to grieve and to cope, constant media exposure through social media and television, it's impacting people," said Dr. Erika Bocknek, psy7chology professor Wayne State University. "Especially people who have existing mental health issues like anxiety and depression for example." 

And finally, the shooter.  A veteran, with reported Post Traumatic Stress Disorder joining an infamous list of men who often have these things in common - like a history of violence or violent behavior, Bocknek said.

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