Activists say Eastpointe not safe for African-Americans after police brutality claim

- Cameras roll as Eastpointe police allegedly beat an arrested man until he passed out.

"Eastpointe is not safe for black Americans to travel through," said Sam Riddle of the National Action Network.

Activists are urging African-Americans to stay away from Eastpointe - this after FOX 2's story last week about a police video from August 2015. Frankie Taylor had been pulled over for drunk driving and once in lockup he was difficult and an officer threatened to restrain him.

"Frankie stop acting like a child," said one officer.

A few minutes later the video shows Taylor falling on the floor. Officers then move him to the chair where they attempt to restrain him - another officer puts on gloves and apparently proceeds to hit him over and over again.

"Stop resisting," says an officer while Taylor appears to be struck during the incident, although police surround him with their backs to the camera.

Eastpointe police are still not commenting but they have released their arrest report detailing a very uncooperative and combative Frankie Taylor - a man they say refused to be restrained. The report says that he clawed at them, tried to bite them and even spit at them - claiming he had AIDS.

"You had him restrained and you kept beating him," said Rev. W.J. Rideout III of All God's People Church. "You beat him unconsciously so now you're bringing an excuse and lie as they always do to cover this up and brush this under the rug."

"He had four officers, five all around him, surrounding him," Riddle said. "You can't even see Frankie because of the officers surrounding him."

Taylor ended up in the hospital the next day - had to have surgery on his eye - police say in the report they only restrained him because he was trying to hurt himself.

The video caught the attention of the FBI - now investigating. Eastpointe police say they are providing the FBI with all of their materials.

As for the pastors - they're demanding a meeting with the director of public safety.

"They've brought dishonor to the uniform and it makes it harder for the good officers," said Troy Muhammad from the Nation of Islam. "We're here today to ask the good officers to stand up and uphold the law that you're giving your life for."

"Since you feel like you can get away with this - we're coming to see you and we're coming in numbers," Rideout said. "And we're not scared because we're not criminals - we don't have warrants."

As the pastors plan their protest, the director of public safety telling fox 2 - he is reaching out to Rev. Rideout and welcomes a discussion with the concerned pastors. A meeting has been set for Tuesday between the chief and Rideout.

Taylor underwent surgery on his eye and lost his peripheral vision and has filed a lawsuit against Eastpointe police.

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