After Detroit votes yes for pot dispensaries - what's next?

- Detroit voters passed several ballot measures easing restrictions on medical marijuana facilities - so what happens next is the question many are asking.
Some say Detroiters will be checking out more dispensaries now that two ballot initiatives regarding pot passed in the city.

"Weed is not bad, we are here for the patients, we are here for the people," said Tony Quinones of Elite Detroit. 

But not everyone agrees.

"I don't want my 9-year-old son to see green crosses and have to smell the smoke from the dispensaries, having problems selling property in the city because of the smoke you smell," said Richard Mack, a community activist. "Who's going to buy a home next to a dispensary?"

Yet by roughly a 60 to 40 vote margin, Detroit voters said they didn't want stricter rules regarding dispensaries.

"Right now there's room for about 50 marijuana dispensaries in the city," Mack said. "That's more CVS's, Walgreen's, Rite Aides

FOX 2: "Some people would say medical marijuana should be sold at drugstores?"

"I disagree," Quinones said. "You have CVS selling synthetic heroin and opiates. Look what it is doing to young teens."

The city planning commission had a public hearing Thursday discussing the ramifications of the recent ballot initiatives and possible legal challenges to those initiatives.

"I feel it's going to be better for Dispensaries and patients in general," said Ross, an advocate. "Because it is going to be safer for patients to be coming to dispensaries. You're not going to be having your children around the area of the dispensaries as well."

And there is a statewide ballot initiative making marijuana for recreational purposes getting closer to being on the 2018 ballot.

"It's up to the citizens who live here and pay taxes here to determine what they want their city to look like," Mack said.

"You have places in Colorado that are strictly medicinal and others that are strictly recreational," Quinones said. "Hopefully Michigan will adopt
some of those ways, that way there is a difference between the two."

Those that run the dispensaries said that if medical marijuana becomes legal, they're ready to go now.

"Alcohol kills you, cigarettes kill you," Ross said. :"But marijuana never killed anyone."

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