Auto shop owner says thieves are targeting him and DPD doesn't care

- An auto repair shop owner is fed up. Not only have bandits broken into multiple cars in his back lot over the last week, he claims Detroit police aren't doing enough to stop it.

"This is not how things should be ran," Romani Youssif said.

FOX 2: "They say crime is going down in the city."

"I don't think so," he said.

Apparently not for Youssif - whose family owns SRC Auto Repair on Detroit's east side. Over the last week - he says the cars in the back of his business have been broken into four separate times.

"In a matter of one week I lost over $22,000," he said.

FOX 2: "Does insurance cover this?”

“I am hoping so,” he said.

Survieillance video caught a couple of the suspects in action smashing up vehicles and grabbing whatever they can out of the cars.

The latest break-in happened Sunday morning. On video you can see one suspect trying to get into every car finally breaking into the tow truck and stealing several items from inside.

Multiple break-ins within one week may seem ridiculous - but Youssif says what's even harder to deal with, is Detroit police isn't doing anything about it.

Youssif says he filled out three police reports and a customer and neighbor who witnessed two thefts in action called 911 - but police never showed.

"I called the police and told them what was going on," he said. "I said one of my customers saw where they went and we're inside the building. They said ‘We can't send anybody out there? You're going to have to wait.'"

But Youssif wants to know for how long?  He too, had his car broken into and everything stolen from inside.

Now he has to find a way to explain to his customers about what happened to their cars and that the city of Detroit doesn't seem to care.

"That's the thing I don't know what to say to my customers," he said. "I have no explanation and it's looking bad on my business because of the lack of protection we have in the city of Detroit."

FOX 2 spoke to Detroit police Assistant Chief James White, who said there was never a 911 call made, there is no record.

However there are records of Youssif's police reports and the he has learned the detective failed to follow up - something the assistant chief calls unacceptable.

He said he plans to deal with that Tuesday.

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