Coyotes crash through Washington Twp. family's basement windows

- Panic set in for John Osborne Sunday night. He heard glass breaking, and woke up out of a dead sleep. He thought someone had broken into their Washington Township house on Glacier Pine Drive.

So, he searched the top two levels and then headed downstairs.

"And here it is, the shade knocked down, the hole in the window," he says. "And glass spread all over the place. So I started to walk over to the plant they had knocked down and I started to straighten it up and a head popped up."

That head belonged to a coyote that had broken through the basement window.

"I don't think my feet hit the stairs when I was going up the stairs," Osborne says. "I took off running and called 911 and they called animal control."

Animal Control came to Osborne's home and was able to get the first coyote out. The sheriff's department left, then, too, just before Osborne came back downstairs and saw another coyote's head pop up.

"Now I am kind of freaking out," Osborne admits. "I turn and I run back upstairs and the officer was just backing out of the driveway. I said, 'Wait a minute, we have another problem - there is another guy down there.'"

Animal Control officers came back and wrangled the other coyote up the stairs, took it around back and released it with the other one.

Osborne suspects mating season inspired the wild animals to break through his double-pane window.

"The first one come through the window, it was a female running away and when she came through, because there were two, crashed, the male came right behind," he thinks.

The coyotes left a trail of destruction behind and, because they were released not too far away from his house, Osborne is worried his furry intruders may return.

"He's got two more windows he can come in," Osborne quipps. "It is very unusual. I don't want to scare people but they have to be aware, if they have a small dog, this thing can do some damage."


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