DACA recipients face uncertainty after Trump's immigration reform

- For Jasmine Lomeli, its an uncertain future and the anxiety grows with each executive order on immigration signed by President Donald trump.

"As a parent, as a daughter, we don't know. We don't know what is going to be our future," she said.

This mother of three knows no other home other than Detroit.  

She was brought here from Mexico by undocumented parents as a child.

"I'm really proud of my parents," she said.

Lomeli's known this fear most of her life however, and applied for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival, or DACA, protection in 2015.     
That protects children of illegal immigrants from deportation.
She and others at a Michigan United Rally on Thursday are concerned Trump may do away with that protection as part of sweeping immigration reform.

"With DACA, we feel safe and now are afraid. We don't know what is going to happen," Lomeli said.

She feels Detroit is a safe place for her family for now, but questions how long that safety will last if DACA protection is undone -- a fear that would be lessened if she lived in a sanctuary city.
The mayor has made clear Detroit isn't a sanctuary city but the problem according to organizers here is the term sanctuary city isn’t clearly defined, leaving a lot of room for interpretation and fear.

City council woman Raquel Castaneda-Lopez attempted to clarify where the city stands in that regard.

"We don't actively go out and seek and search for immigrants and then report that back to border patrol, so we are a safe haven in that we prevent racial profiling. We are not a sanctuary city in terms of how Trumps defines it as denying access to federal agents."

This group of civil right activists say despite the speed at which this reform seems to be happening there is no reason to give up the fight.

"Courage means to act even if you are afraid to organize and show up to these meetings to become a united front," said Sergio Martinez, a DACA recipient.

So far Trump has not signed any executive orders pertaining to DACA and this group wants to keep it that way.

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