Detroit Dog Rescue fights to save puppies lives

- A mother dog and her 3 puppies are fighting for their lives at a Detroit shelter after being removed from the city's Animal Control facility. The dog and her 2-week-old puppies were taken from DAC by Detroit Dog Rescue earlier this week after FOX 2 shared the story regarding the numerous civil suits filed against the organization.

DDR's Executive Director Kristina Rinaldi says the dogs were in bad shape when they took them in, with 2 puppies dying shortly after they arrived at Greenfield Animal Hospital in Southfield. "The puppies were covered in feces, but they were eating from the mom. Mom couldn't stand up, she was not eating, whether it was dry food or wet food." She continued saying the mother dog "has temperature of 106. Despite that, she's still trying to feed her babies. We're giving her fluids, the techs at Greenfield Animal Hospital are working around the clock to keep these dogs alive."

Rinaldi says it is unclear how long the dogs were with DAC or if they arrived in that condition. However Rinaldi says this speaks to a bigger issue. "This isn't all Detroit Animal Control's fault by any means. They don't have the proper things that animal control needs." She continued saying, "So either someone needs to step up and donate something to Detroit Animal Control or we need to find funding, because this is absolutely inhumane. This dog and those puppies should not be in that kind of shape."

FOX 2 reached our to the City of Detroit regarding this situation and issued this response:

"Animal control was required to hold the dogs for a state mandated hold period. As soon as it was possible, animal control released the puppies to a rescue group.  It is unfortunate that some of the puppies from this litter did not survive after being released.  However, it is important to note that this litter was born to a mother - like many of the nearly 3,000 dogs that come into our facility each year - that suffered from malnourishment and a lack of veterinary care. It is likely her entire pregnancy was spent on the streets, she was marginally cared for at best and had likely never seen a vet. The mortality rate for puppies dealing with such challenges is significantly higher." 

If you would like to help Detroit Dog Rescue care for the dogs they have taken in for care through Detroit Animal Control, the group has started a GoFundMe page for donations.

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