Dog bites 2-year-old child during neighbor dispute

Police take one man and a dog into custody after a two-year-old child was bitten several times by the dog.

Police say it happened on Detroit's Westside when the little boy wandered into a garage where the dog was chained up.  

Nancy Mroueh was there and says, "do you think anyone gives a **** about a dog that attacked a boy. The boy's stomach is bitten and his hand and his face had been attacked.”

Police say the two-year-old is in stable condition. Mroueh was letting the dog, named Stacks stay in her garage as a favor. But now she never wants to see the animal again. Nancy says the dog needs to be put down immediately. 

The owner of the dog says it is not the dogs fault. 

Karar Alabooduy, owner of the dog says he is a responsible pet owner. He had the dog chained up and its the child's parents fault for letting their kid wonder around. 

We spoke with him and his friends as he sat in his smashed up car across the street from where the dog attack happened. They claim they were assaulted by the little boy’s family after the dog bit the child.

It was a choatic scene on Plainview Sunday afternoon. Police did take one man into custody. Neighbors tell us it was the father of the injured boy who got into a shouting match with police. DPD wouldn’t say why he was taken away.

 As for the dog, neighbors say just yesterday the same pitbull mix attacked a puppy.

Neighbors tell us at the time of the attack police were already on scene, called out to investigate the puppy attack that happened yesterday.

The boy is expected to recover from his injuries from the dog bite and the dog is being held in quarantine.

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