Excessive noise altercation with cops leads to DPD gun shot, 2 stories

- A request to turn down the music led to an all-out brawl between Detroit police and some neighbors on the city's northwest side earlier this week. Officers responded to a call of a noise complaint about a group of people playing music and hanging out outside an abandoned house.

When they arrived, a big fight broke out. People at the party say police picked a fight with them, but officers say the crowd was hostile when they got there.

The brawl ended when one officer fired a warning shot into the ground.

Now, Detroit Police Chief James Craig is speaking out about how officers handled the situation -- and we're learning more about one of the suspect's family history with police.

Craig says one of the people arrested is related to a man who was killed in a police-involved shooting a few years ago in Detroit.

"That suspect who was subsequently killed as a result of his aggression," Craig says. "Many viewers may remember this, where police officers were shot. Deadly force was used and the suspect succumbed to his injuries.

"During this incident a suspect indicated that was his brother. He was angry that Detroit police officers killed his brother."

FOX 2: "What did you say to officers regarding your brother?"

"I made the statement I see why most people are mad at the police," Martin Patterson IV told us. "And I see why he did what he did at the Sixth Precinct. Because for us black men who just hang out, causing no problems, (they) ride through the neighborhood just harassing people for no reason."

"It's very troubling when you look at the dynamic surrounding this incident," Craig said.

Craig says two officers responded to a call of noise and minor infractions of men hanging out outside an abandoned house.

"The officers, as they began to investigate, there was an attack on the officers," Craig said. "In fact, one individual was armed with a bottle."

"I had a knife on me," Patterson said. "But I'm walking back and they didn't find a knife until they threw me on the ground and threw all of my property away."

Patterson said he was walking back home from the store when he saw two of his friends being arrested on his front yard. He claims they had only been playing music and barbecuing.

"I'm running to the house to find out why the police are on my property," he said. "And why two of my friends are on the ground getting cuffed."

"As soon as I walk up and ask what's going on because it's my house, the officer told me to stay right there and don't move, shot at me, then told me to get on the ground and cuffed me."

Craig says based on his preliminary reports, his officers didn't have a choice but to act quickly.

"Fearing for his life and that of his partner, that he could be met with some great bodily harm, made a split decision to fire a round, a warning shot into the ground as the situation escalated and was growing more intense," he says.

The chief is also concerned about two situations back-to-back this week, including one when a wanted man fired an AK-47 at Detroit police, followed by this.

Fortunately, no one was hurt in either incident.

"I've had conversations with officers and they think in some instances, not all, people are becoming more aggressive," Craig said. "I think some of the aggression is what they see in social media and other places on the news."

FOX 2: "Did you charge any of the officers?"

"Never did, never will," said Patterson.

Craig says his department is still investigating this incident.

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