Expert: security changes at airports coming in wake of Ft. Lauderdale shooting

As this latest Ft Lauderdale attack reveals, the current security measures at airports may not be enough.

One security expert weighs in on what more could be done to protect us all.

"It is evolving process," said Andy Arena. "Bad guys are always looking to get around it, so we have to be doing our best to make sure security is at the top level."

Security expert and former FBI special agent Andy Arena predicts changes will be coming to airport security after a lone gunman opened fire inside baggage claim at a Fort Lauderdale airport Friday.

A 26-year-old Esteban Santiago had brought the handgun and ammunition in his checked luggage which is completely legal to do. There are even online videos showing the proper way to do it.

The trouble came after he landed as authorities say Santiago retrieved the handgun and ammo went into the bathroom and loaded it.

Many are wondering if packing unloaded weapons will still be allowed.
"That may be something they look at," Arena said. "They may also be looking at security in baggage areas. Those areas the general public can get into and where do we start the security process? Places like Israel push security to borders of the airport."

Right now in the US, terminals are easily accessible public spaces. But will that change?

For instance in Israel - an airport that has become a security model - private companies are trained to use bomb detectors, profile passengers and question travelers under the watch of police at the airport entrance.

"As Americans how much security do we really want," Arena said. "It is tough it is tough right now - do you want more?"

The motive of the former military, who was discharged last August is unclear - but the result is of his tragic actions is final. Five of the 13 people shot were killed.
Since the incident, some airports across the nation have increased security - a sign of what may be to come.

"As security experts we have to do the same thing," Arena said. "We have to think every day how are we going to make it better."

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