Family member of alleged mother-son murder plot claims they are innocent

- A mother was arrested, accused of trying to help her son carry out a murder plot against three people.

Now after seeing our story, her other son is coming forward to talk about his family's run-in with the law.

The other son of Lakeisha Goodwin tells me she called him from jail and and wanted him to set the record straight. But that doesn't change the fact mom is accused of taking part in a murder for hire plot.

Willie Goodwin says his mother, Lakeisha Goodwin had been harassed by the informant who told Investigators she was helping her son Jontele Goodwin in a murder for hire plot.

"I'm just going to tell you she's a lovable person," said Willie Goodwin.  "(These are) false allegations, the cops are making up stuff."

FOX 2: "How are they making up stuff?"

"I mean you had an informant with 22 felonies on parole who had a lot to lose, coming up with anything," Willie Goodwin said.

FOX 2: "What do you have to say about your brother and his role in the allegations?"

"My brother is a strong person, he knows he didn't do it," Willie Goodwin said. "I see him coming home very soon."

However Michigan State Police gave a different story when talking about the investigation.

"This inmate wanted to do harm to three individuals that he felt was responsible for his criminal case," said Lt. Tony Cuevas, Michigan State Police. "The whole reason he was locked up."

The 26-year-old is currently being at the Monroe County Jail for allegedly being the leader of a South Rockwood drug ring. While in jail, police say he started plotting with another inmate.

"We were contacted by correction staff at the Monroe County Jail who said that they had an inmate wanting to provide us information about a solicitation for murder case," said Tony Cuevas.

Police say they collected audio of Jontele Goodwin offering the other inmate $2,500 to carry out the murders. He then sent the informant to his mother, 43-year-old Lakeisha Goodwin, to receive a down payment in the form of drugs.

"The informant and Ms. Goodwin met," Cuevas said. "During these meetings she provided the informant with advice on how to carry out these murders. She also explained on how she was going to take the informant to the airport after the murders were carried out."

But Willie Goodwin said the informant kept calling when she told him to stop, and that the informant is only trying to cut a deal to help himself.

FOX 2 "Police say the informant was sent to her by your brother to help carry it out."

"Well he was harassing her," Willie Goodwin said. "I talked to informant on the phone myself to tell him to stop calling my mom."

Police are not yet releasing the audio recordings of the conversations between the inmate informant and Jontele. They say we can expect more details to come out later on in court, including the plots on how these three people were supposed to be killed.

Willie Goodwin says his mother also her own recordings of the informant harassing her on the phone, but he did not to share those recordings right now.

Lakeisha Goodwin is being held on a $150,000 bond.

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