Fire bug setting trash cans on fire Downriver

An arsonist was caught in action on a home security video in Taylor. He lit the lid of a trash can on fire on Jackson Street Monday night.

“It was just one random person you see on the video. Within a minute and a half he was gone,” said Kate Fisher, whose trash can was set on fire.

Fisher’s reaction when she saw the video?

“It's crazy. It's not something you think would happen to you.”

Just a few streets over on Robinson in Allen Park:

“I was getting ready to go to bed and all of a sudden I heard a big boom and saw a flash of light. The neighbor’s trash can was on fire,” said Wendy Cosgrove.

“My husband's son tried to put it out with the hose but it wouldn't reach, so I ran in and grabbed the phone and called 911,” said Sherry Reynolds, a witness.

Altogether, investigators say there were three trash can fires and one mattress fire in Allen Park and Taylor Monday night.

“Last week we had at the same time frame, in the same few block area two vehicles and a dumpster,” said Ed Cann, Allen Park Fire Marshall.

People living in the area can’t believe it.

“There have been a couple of break-ins, but over the past 18 years we've lived here nothing like this has ever happened,” said Cosgrove.

“They'll catch him, whoever is doing it,” said Reynolds.

“We know it was just a trash can but if someone thinks it's fun to light fires,” said Cosgrove. “Who knows what they will light on fire next.”

“Any of these things could go sideways,” said Fire Marshall Cann. “The individual themselves could be hurt and oftentimes these people want to seek thrills that are of increasing enormity. The next thing you know, they might be going after something larger. We want to stop them while it's early.”

Firefighters and neighbors are hoping the photos, home security video, and media coverage will prompt someone with information to come forward.

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