Girl with suicidal thoughts takes knife to school

A child brings a large knife to a West Bloomfield elementary school - the only person she wanted to hurt, was herself.

Her mother said she had no idea her young daughter was having suicidal thoughts. She wants this near-tragedy to be a lesson for other parents.

"She said, 'Mom I'm not happy,'" recalled Antiya Simmons.

Simmons was in tears recounting the conversation with her daughter, about what prompted the 10-year-old to try to commit suicide.

"(she said) 'I don't like the fact that I get teased in school about how much I weigh, how tall I am,'" Simmons said. "Simple things. I'm like I just need her to be a kid and not worry about things like that."

But that may have been the only thing on her mind Nov. 7. That's when the 10-year-old brought a knife to Sheiko Elementary School in West Bloomfield.

Simmons said she showed the knife to a friend and told her she planned on killing herself.

School officials and police were notified and Atiya's daughter was suspended. The school board voted to expel her Monday night.

Simmons says the punishment doesn't fit the crime.

"Don't kick her out the school she's not a violent person," Simmons said. "She's never been in trouble, She's never been sent to the principal's office, she's never gotten a phone call (at) home."

FOX 2: "Was there any indication that she wanted to attack another student or anything of that nature?"

"No," said Dr. Gerald Hill, the superintendent of West Bloomfield schools. "It is a heart wrenching situation. And the school board had a difficult time making a decision, but they had to make the only decision they could make."

Hill says the board is obligated under state law to expel students who bring dangerous weapons to weapon free school zones.

The incident follows a startling trend in the West Bloomfield school district. Three high school students committed suicide earlier this year.

Simmons says her daughter could've been the fourth.

"What if she wouldn't have opened her purse what if she just would've raised her hand and went to the bathroom and somebody, a kid, walked in and saw her dead on the ground?" Simmons said.

National youth speaker and anti-bullying activist Jim Tuman weighed in.

FOX 2: "Did the school drop the ball by expelling her?

"The school was put in a tough position," Tuman said. "The best way to have done this was to reach out to the kid, to have the kid open up and see what was going on and look at how what's going on, affects the kids around her."

The girl's mother said that she didn't know her child was being teased and said she hopes this story lets other parents pay more attention for the possible signs.

After 90 days the girl can be reinstated.

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