Greektown beating suspects get plea deal; victim speaks

- The beat down in Greektown's shocking video from April spread online, sparking outrage.

Six men pleaded guilty and three men suffered serious injuries - and they are finally seeing some closure. All six suspects pleaded guilty in court Wednesday

The prosecutor’s office said the man who was hurt the worst was trying to step in and stop the fight

FOX 2: "You strike me as a brave man."

"It's written on my arm," said Brandon Putnam. "Never fear no evil."

The 23-year old man seen on video beat over and over again was kicked in the head while he was unconscious.

FOX 2: "What was going through your mind?"

"There were literally no thoughts in my head when I saw the video," he said. "Literally, no thoughts."

It was traumatic and Putnam doesn't want his face shown up close anymore, even after seeing the video shared thousands of times on Facebook.

He is still numb from what happened, as is his sister and father.

"You laughing and posting it on Facebook like it was a joke," his sister said.

"For them to just keep on beating him like that while he was unconscious," his father said. "They could have killed him."

At the time of the video, Detroit Police Chief James Craig said: "You don't get to come into Detroit and engage in that kind of behavior."

The chief vowed to get the six men seen mercilessly beating a man who was just celebrating his 23rd birthday - and they did. All of them pleaded guilty to assault and intent to do bodily harm.

All 6 men pleaded guilty to assault with intent to commit great bodily harm.

Stanley Faulk, Keith Harvey, Tyron Larkin and Terrell Carter received 29 months to 10 years as part of their plea deal.  Eddie Curry got  34 months to 10 years and Rachaan Yharbrough  1 to 10 years.

He had a fractured skull and wasn't really able to communicate for a while. The prosecutor's office says while this savage beating was going on one of the men allegedly robbed the victim.

"I still have double sided (vision in one eye) but time heals," the man said. "The body heals."

The other two victims suffered serious injuries including a collapsed lung as well as bone fractures and are at home recovering.

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